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2024 Next Gen: Rylee Govoreau

2024 Next Gen: Rylee Govoreau

Rylee Govoreau is one of the 2024 Next Gens, as nominated by Groups Today readers for making a difference in the industry with her fresh, progressive perspective.

Rylee Govoreau: Tourism Program Manager, Douglasville Convention and Visitors Bureau

In under two years as Tourism Program Manager for the Douglasville Convention and Visitors Bureau, Rylee Govoreau has made it a priority to get involved in both the travel industry and local community. Though Govoreau has several passions leading her to be interested in a variety of industries, she always knew she wanted to be in a role that allows her to interact with people and make a positive impact.

"I truly feel that I have been able to create that impact in the group travel industry," Govoreau said. "The group travel industry and the tourism industry overall drew me in because I'm passionate about connecting people to other people, places and experiences. Whether it's helping a group with their reunion, wedding or just exploring a new place, you can really make a positive impact within group travel, and that is exactly what I need to feel fulfilled in a role."

Govoreau's passion shines through in everything she does, as demonstrated by her designation of "Rookie of the Year" at the 2022 Georgia/Alabama/South Central Motorcoach Association Conference and presentation as a featured speaker at the 2023 Georgia Downtown Association Conference.

Govoreau reflected on what intrigues her most about the industry, noting that if you think of the top experiences of your life, odds are that at least one of them involves travel.

"For me, some of my top moments in my life have been the east coast road trip I took with my family, the mother-daughter trip to NYC, or the first anniversary trip I took with my partner. If I were to ask you some of your top experiences, while they won't be exactly the same, I wouldn't be surprised if they involved travel," Govoreau said, adding that beyond these experiences and top moments of our lives is an industry that brings together people from all over the world.

"The travel industry brings people together, allows us to celebrate other cultures, and is rewarding because travel makes people happy," Govoreau explained. "The industry also provides transferable skills and helps you gain well-rounded knowledge including marketing, sales, events/project management, sustainability, cross-cultural awareness, economic development, customer service, relationship building and more."

The travel and tourism industry, Govoreau says, creates lifelong friendships, shapes tourism for the better through equitable and sustainable movements and is always progressing and innovating—making it a job you can look forward to going to every day. Her favorite accomplishment in her career so far has been leading the Douglasville CVB through a successful rebranding and redesign, and ultimately receiving a national Gold Davey Award for the design.

"It has been so exciting to reveal our new branding and it has strengthened our partnerships significantly," Govoreau said. "We now have a new brand that showcases the growth and progression of our community and really helps tell our story. It was a huge undertaking to establish a brand, do a visitor's guide redesign, a website redesign, and create new collateral, but it has been so worth it."

Since the introduction of the CVB's new branding, Govoreau says their social media platforms have also grown exponentially.

"We are really putting Douglasville on the map as a destination that is culturally diverse, accessible and affordable," she said.

When it comes to her goals for the future, Govoreau hopes to continue growing her career in the travel and tourism industry and one day be an executive director for a leading destination.

"My goals include continuing to make a splash and challenge the status quo wherever I go to continue advocating for sustainability, equity and accessibility in the travel industry," she said. "Making travel more accessible is something I am extremely passionate about, so I know my future goals will include moving the needle on making an impact and shaping the industry for the better."

Rylee Govoreau is one of the 2024 Next Gens, as nominated by Groups Today readers for making a difference in the industry with her fresh, progressive perspective. Click here to see the January/February feature.

Written by Sarah Suydam, Managing Editor for Groups Today.


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