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2024 Next Gens

2024 Next Gens

Through the support of reader nominations, Groups Today is proud to present this year's class of Next Gens—people of the next generation who make a difference in the industry with their progressive ideas, innovative mindsets and creative spirits. Congratulations!

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BrittanyBrittany Dykla
Chief Financial Officer, Brilliant Edventures

With a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Science degree in accounting from Michigan State University, Brittany Dykla is a second-generation owner of Brilliant Edventures. She is actively involved with the Owners Network under the National Tour Association, and after serving on various committees and acting as an NTA ambassador, she is currently serving a year term on NTA's Board of Directors. Dykla also serves on multiple committees for Circle Michigan.


JessicaJessica Flores
Chief Experience Officer, Tourism Cares

With a career focused on sustainable travel, Jessica Flores has worked with Tourism Cares for more than 15 years, helping to successfully lead initiatives to create positive impacts in the industry, with an emphasis on community tourism development, destination stewardship and natural resource conservation. Her passion for travel and opportunity to surround herself with changemakers throughout her career has made Flores an advocate for ethical and transformative travel experiences, with the goal of shaping tourism for the better.


CarlosCarlos I. Garcia Martinez
Tour Director, Viajes A Plus, Inc.

Son of a science teacher, Carlos I. Garcia Martinez has been involved in student travel since 1995 as a student himself, establishing his passion for educational tours. He started working as a guide in 2005 for Viajes A Plus and continues his work today with knowledge in operations, airfare and sales. Six years ago, Garcia Martinez started the company's Puerto Rico branch for inbound tours and serves as tour director. He's passionate about being the bridge between students and experiences in the educational tour world, in turn leaving a mark and opening their minds.


CalleyCalley Geigle
Global Travel & Trade Representative, Travel South Dakota

In the five years Calley Geigle has been part of the Travel South Dakota team, her focus has been on the group travel market. Recognizing there was a demand for authentic and educational Indigenous tours, Geigle—alongside the South Dakota Native Tourism Alliance and George Washington University—helped lay the foundation in educating Native American destinations on hosting groups. Together, they've assisted in marketing these opportunities, as well as having formed pricing workshops and test tours with South Dakota's Native American suppliers.


RyleeRylee Govoreau
Tourism Program Manager, Douglasville Convention and Visitors Bureau

In under two years as Tourism Program Manager for the Douglasville Convention and Visitors Bureau, Rylee Govoreau has made it a priority to get involved in both the travel industry and local community. Govoreau's passion shines through in everything she does, as demonstrated by her designation of "Rookie of the Year" at the 2022 Georgia/Alabama/South Central Motorcoach Association Conference and presentation as a featured speaker at the 2023 Georgia Downtown Association Conference.


AnjuliAnjuli King
Director, Domestic Group Tour & Entertainment Sales, Visit Savannah

A 15-year hospitality industry veteran, Anjuli King manages the group tour market for Visit Savannah. King has been appointed to the Student & Youth Travel Association Board until 2026. As a strong advocate for diversity and inclusion in the industry, she is an active member of the African American Motorcoach Council. In addition, King is a professional member of the Meeting Advisory Committee for the American Bus Association and a liaison for Girl Scouts of Historic Georgia.


GusGus Sheppard
Business Development, Travel With Barb (CSTO)

As a travel planner for Travel With Barb (TWB), Gus Sheppard advocates for student travel's meaningful impact on young people. He assisted in TWB's recent CSTO designation, and has a "growth mindset" approach to his work and collaboration with the TWB team. Sheppard proudly serves as a soldier/musician in the 43rd Army Band. Graduating from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Sheppard's coursework aided in two non-profits receiving substantial grant funding. Sheppard fosters human connection wherever he goes.


KatieKatie Stanley
Group Sales Manager, Virginia Arts Festival

A proud resident and ambassador of Norfolk, Katie Stanley represents the largest performing arts organization in Southeastern Virginia. She welcomes groups from across the country and internationally to experience more than 70 world-class performances each year, including the Virginia International Tattoo. Katie believes that access to diverse artistic experiences is an important building block for individuals and communities, and incorporates a joy-driven approach to her work.


CharleyCharley Troggio
Tour Operator and Office Manager, Breakaway Tours

Charley Troggio has been working at Breakaway Tours since she graduated from West Liberty University in 2018. However, Troggio has been immersed in the travel industry all her life, as her grandmother, Charlene Troggio and business partner, Christine LaCivita, have co-owned Breakaway Tours for over 30 years. Troggio has been able to enhance Breakaway Tours' already incredibly successful business by updating their back and front office systems, as well as the website and their social media presence.



Edited by Sarah Suydam, Managing Editor for Groups Today.

This article originally appeared in the Jan/Feb '24 issue of Groups Today.


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