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Winnipeg: Something for Everyone.

Winnipeg, the capital of Manitoba, Canada, is a great match for group travel. It offers outdoor activities aplenty, exciting festival opportunities and delicious dining options. Nature buffs flock to the Nature Oasis at FortWhyte Alive, where they soak in outdoor beauty while participating in group bison safaris.

Festivals that celebrate theater, comedy, improvisation, dance, drama and multiculturalism are also popular attractions. Finally, when coming to Manitoba, your travelers should bring their appetites! The Exchange District  is home to locally sourced food and locally inspired dishes and The Forks Market offers dining and shopping options—and three weeks out of the year, a restaurant literally pops up out of the river!

Winnipeg is home to outdoor activities, an active arts community, numerous festivals and a thriving local food scene. Explore the outdoors within the city limits at the Nature Oasis at FortWhyte Alive. Group bison safaris and interpretative aboriginal programming are two of the Oasis' main attractions. Winnipeg's position on the migratory bird path makes it the ideal "birding" destination.

Winnipeg boasts many exciting festivals. In July, Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival hosts more than 180 theater companies in a variety of venues. Performances include comedy, improvisation, music, dance and drama. Folklorama Festival, in August, celebrates multiculturalism. Community members operate the festival's 44 pavilions, each featuring a different culture, while visitors enjoy authentic ethnic performances and cuisine. Group VIP Tours include reserved seating and transportation between pavilions, and VIPs never wait in line!

Dining options are plentiful. The Exchange District, a 20-block national historic site, houses restaurants featuring locally sourced foods and locally inspired dishes. Few people can say they have eaten at a pop-up restaurant on a frozen river, yet for three weeks a year, Raw Almond offers just that opportunity. Guest chefs prepare distinctive culinary dishes and tickets sell out quickly! For groups looking to shop and eat, The Forks Market in downtown Winnipeg has you covered.

Visit Tourism Winnipeg to plan your traveler's multifaceted visit to Canada's "Cultural Cradle."

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Written by Lisa Stickler, staff writer for Groups Today magazine. 

Photo courtesy of Dan Harper.


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