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Get Up Close and Personal with the Viking Era

What do you think of when you hear the word Viking? What image comes to mind? Some characterize these individuals as ruthless warriors and merciless invaders; others believe them to have been prosperous farmers and enterprising merchants. Come explore the Viking culture and lifestyle at Discovery Times Square's new Vikings exhibit, opening Friday, February 5, 2016.

Vikings brings a new appreciation for the people remembered mainly for their plundering ways. And while raiding and pillaging were mainstays of their culture, Viking society was much more complex and multifaceted: Vikings were skilled craftsmen, successful merchants and hard-working farmers. Like society today, no one thing defined the Vikings, and research continues to teach us how nuanced these northern people were.

Newly discovered ancient artifacts will provide your students with greater insight into these legendary people. As students are transported in time, they will learn about Viking family lives, community, religion, rituals, travel, trade, aristocracy, slavery and the roles women played in this testosterone-packed culture. Students will particularly enjoy seeing the Gokstand II, a full-sized model Scandinavian Viking boat.

The exhibit will also help debunk some of the misconceptions surrounding these early Scandinavians. For instance, the Viking people were not always raiding surrounding villages and regions; most lived as farmers, merchants and craftsmen. Their master craftsmanship will be showcased through the display of exquisitely wrought brooches, depictions of Norse gods, gold and silver pendants, and swords and other weapons.

Students will enjoy the exhibit's interactive features, including the opportunity to take part in the excavation of a virtual boat grave!

"We're thrilled to host this acclaimed exhibit that is rich in history, said James Sanna, president of Discovery Times Square. "Vikings is a continuation of our commitment to connect visitors to the best in history, art and culture."

This acclaimed exhibition is organized by the Swedish History Museum in Sweden, in partnership with MuseumsPartner in Austria.

Written by Lisa Stickler, staff writer for Groups Today magazine.

Photo courtesy of Discovery Times Square.


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