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New Accessibility Guide Highlights Columbus as a Destination for All

Experience Columbus, the destination marketing organization for Ohio's capital city, recently launched its new Accessibility Guide to highlight Columbus as an inclusive destination that's welcoming and accessible to all. The new Accessibility Guide serves as a resource for visitors and locals seeking information on accessible Columbus attractions, hotels, restaurants and transportation options.

Capturing the city's Live Forward ethos and Experience Columbus' ongoing commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion, the guide provides details on accessibility offerings in the categories of mobility, vision, hearing and cognition. The guide also provides additional resources so visitors and locals can access key information in one easy-to-find place.

"We welcome visitors of all abilities to Columbus and want everyone to be able to comfortably experience and enjoy our city," said Sarah Townes, Chief Marketing and Innovation Officer, Experience Columbus. "Our Accessibility Guide is a one-stop resource visitors and residents can use while planning an upcoming visit to Columbus or in real time while exploring the city."


Experience Columbus' Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Shannon Jones, says the guide is one more step that the organization is taking to demonstrate its commitment to inclusion.

"During the past two years, we have launched a variety of initiatives focused on diversity, equity and inclusion, including the Diversity Apprenticeship Program aimed at helping close the racial equity gap in the Central Ohio hospitality community and required staff training," said Jones. "We hope that this new Accessibility Guide will be a valuable resource for the community and visitors and show that Columbus is a welcoming and inclusive place to visit."

More than 20 attractions, restaurants, hotels and transportation options are listed in the guide and have been reviewed and screened by disability inclusion experts. Experience Columbus consulted with Rosemarie Rossetti, Ph.D., an internationally known disability inclusion expert and universal design and accessibility consultant. Rossetti is currently featured as one of Experience Columbus' ambassadors for its "Long. Live. Summer!" campaign, in which she offers personalized itineraries of her favorite inclusive Columbus spots via blogs and videos.


"What makes Columbus such an inspiring and progressive city is the abundance of places and events that can be experienced and shared by all," Rossetti said. "As a person who uses a manual wheelchair, I've enjoyed the opportunity to share my perspective on how this city can be enjoyed by people of all abilities. I hope this guide affords many others the chance to take advantage of what Columbus has to offer."

The Accessibility Guide also features tips for planning an accessible meeting in Columbus and accessible outdoor dining options. The guide will be continuously updated as new businesses and venues open or as local businesses and organizations share their accessibility information.

To learn more about Experience Columbus' new Accessibility Guide, click here. To explore more about visiting Ohio overall, revisit the recent Groups Today Ohio destination feature.

Courtesy of Groups Today.

 Photos courtesy of Experience Columbus.

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