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Garrett County, Maryland: Idyllic and Historic

There are so many reasons people travel. People want to get away from the daily grind, relax, or simply try something new.

Choosing a destination can be difficult, especially there is a lack of consensus among travel partners. One unifying aspect of a destination is the people. Visitors want to feel a connection to the selected destination, and they accomplish that through associating with people, history, and culture. When you travel in a group, you develop a bond that solo travelers do not always get to experience. Groups get to explore behind the scenes and immerse themselves in the local flavor with tour guides and residents, alike.

Garrett County in Western Maryland is alive with history. In fact, we are one of 13 certified heritage areas in the state. Visitors can experience our four themes: transportation, cultural uniqueness, historic recreation, and the relationship between man and nature. From the late 1880s, our area has always been known as an escape idyllic retreat from the heat and bustle of eastern Maryland. We invite visitors to take a journey back in time. Walk over the Casselman River Bridge, one of the longest single-span arch bridges of its time, or set foot in the 1884 Queen Anne-style train station, now a restored museum.

Local artists relate the narrative of a destination with their craft. Join artisans as they weave, carve, quill, and mold pottery. Watch as glaziers' blow glass and manipulate it into beautiful works of art. All of these talents are entwined into the history of our region and beyond. Art can even be found in our agricultural landscape. Browse through our local farmer's market to get a taste of the land and the locally produced goods.

The abundant natural resources are a focal point of the region's very history. Visit the same waterfall that Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, John Burroughs, and Harvey Firestone camped by in the early 1900s. Envelop yourself in the beauty of Deep Creek Lake, the largest freshwater lake in Maryland. Completed in 1925, Deep Creek Lake has been a popular tourist attraction for over 90 years. Enthusiasts love the lake for its refreshing waters, perfect for swimming, boating, and fishing.

When all is said and done, groups return home with a new sense of belonging and a desire to share that attachment with family and friends. We invite visitors to explore, immerse, and gather memories to last a lifetime. Visit to learn more.

Photo courtesy of Garrett County Chamber of Commerce.


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