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Using E-Mail Effectively

When you use e-mail to communicate, do you think about how well you're communicating?

Words matter—as do grammar, punctuation and spelling—in getting your point across concisely and effectively. Are you building business via e-mail, or breaking it?

Use a clear subject line to reduce your chance of hitting a spam or junk mail filter, and increase your chance of being seen and read. Avoid buzzwords, slang and slogans. Don't try to be overly clever.

Address your recipient by name. Begin with a simple greeting, as you would in person. Create a message that offers the most information with the least effort required by the reader. Whether you're selling, buying, following up, or introducing yourself, state your purpose up front. The recipient knows what her business is and what she needs. What she may not know is who you are or what you offer—or if what you offer is of value to her.

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