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  • 10 Unprofessional Email Phrases You Might Be Using

    There's some content you should obviously stay away from in work emails—political conversations, crude jokes, office gossip. Other topics and phrases might be a little less obvious, but are no less unprofessional.

  • Creating Positive Customer Experiences One Moment at a Time

    As someone who has always worked in customer service, I often wonder if I pay more attention to quality customer service (or the lack thereof) than those around me.

  • Critical Language to Use When Rebounding

    When a crisis arises, it may feel like you're being pulled in every direction, trying to manage every little detail while also being tasked with prioritizing which fire to extinguish first.

  • In Defense of Emojis

    I may be a mid-20smilliennial, but I think I jumped on the emoji bandwagon a little later than most humans my age. I'm a writer, so my gut feelings toward anything destroying the written word aren't exactly warm and fuzzy. The Oxford English Dictionary named "emoji" 2015's word of the year, and that wasn't cool.

  • Using E-Mail Effectively

    When you use e-mail to communicate, do you think about how well you're communicating?