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Top Apps for the Trade Show Season

Attending a trade show this season? Try these apps for seamless presentations, data management, and overall organization.

1) Microsoft PowerPoint: Turn your tablet into a streaming digital display without having to learn a whole new system.

Built specifically for the iPad, the PowerPoint app has almost all of the features of the desktop app. You can import and present files through your tablet, and edit them, and OneDrive integration offers easy access to the cloud.

2) OneReceipt: To track receipts for expense reports or tax purposes, OneReceipt allows users to submit receipts via e-mail, photo, or manually entering the data, with tagging for organizational and search purposes. No more tracking down crumpled, faded receipts!

3) CamCard: While many apps scan and store business cards, CamCard also allows you to attach text, video, graphics, and other documents to specific cards. CamCard's three camera modes are QR codes, individual entry, and batch—which comes in handy at conventions, when you may be collecting a lot of cards at once.

4) iPrizeWheel: Use your iPad to generate buzz and collect contacts by hosting a customizable digital game show wheel at your booth or table—especially if you have great promotional bling, but not enough for everyone. The upgraded app also offers a data collection feature for managing contact information.

5) Dropbox: Lost flash drives, e-mail attachments bounced back because of file size, and other file difficulties are eliminated by this easy-to-use file storage and sharing app.


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