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Top 5 Ways to Increase Customer-Generated Social Content

You'd trust your friend's opinion on something, right? Well, brands and companies are taking notice!

It's important, now more than ever, for businesses to engage and motivate customers to post about their own positive experiences with their services. Though that can seem tough to accomplish, these tips—courtesy of HYP3R—can help.

1. CREATE PHOTO OPPS: Make it easy for customers to take photos on your property. A digital photo booth will allow them to download and post pictures, but you could also go old-school and offer Polaroid cameras for visitors to use.

2. SOCIAL MEDIA FILTERS: Less about the experience, yet still allows you to be where your customers are. Create a fun, funny, beautiful or unique social media filter for your property. Snapchat allows you to create custom geo filters by setting up a geofence around a specific location. Facebook now allows brands to build augmented-reality Instagram filters that anyone following your account can use.

3. CREATE A BRAND HASHTAG: This seems obvious, but it's actually a great opportunity to share a part of your brand personality or company ethos. Think of taglines that stick out to you: They're often funny, clever or inspirational. And try not to make it too much about your business. Look at DiGiorno's #DiGiorNOYOUDIDNT hashtag (funny) or Always' #LikeAGirl campaign (inspirational)—both gained massive traction; neither was just about the company.

4. PUSHPIN MAP: Do you have a lot of customers from out of town? Build or buy a pushpin map and hang it in a common area on your property, so visitors can mark where they're from or traveling to!

5. ASK QUESTIONS: Pose engaging questions on TV screens, with wall decals, on whiteboards, or on chalkboard walls. Encourage guests to respond on social media and tag their location. An example: What's your #TuesdayTip for fellow travelers?

Read up on the rest of the 29 tips and download the full guide by visiting HYP3R.

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