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Free Webinar Highlighting Food Travel: January 15

According to Mandala Research, wine, beer, and food has served as a motivator for 131 million U.S. travelers. Spending on food and dining is equal to spending on culture, entertainment, and shopping combined for all segments of culinary travelers.

In a new webinar series, Mandala Research will join forces with marketing experts and associations who have used Mandala Research's data to target these lucrative travel segments. The first webinar is with Erik Wolf, the executive director of the World Food Travel Association.

Wolf is a highly sought speaker, thought leader, strategist and consultant—in the U.S. and abroad, on food and drink tourism issues. He is considered the go-to food tourism industry resource for media outlets that have included CNN, the BBC, the Wall Street Journal, and many more. Wolf also advises UNESCO's Creative Cities Network gastronomy program.

If you're interested in participating in the webinar, e-mail [email protected].

Click here for more information about Mandala Research's Culinary Traveler study and report.


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