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3 Social Marketing Strategies to Ring in Spring

The start of a new season is a great reason to rethink old habits and see if they're still working for you.

Become a Strategy Machine!

1. Rock your Content strategy. Here's an easy content strategy you can copy.

2. Become a Video Veteran! Don't be shy: Grab your video camera on your next FAM trip or right in your office. Go ahead; try this.

3. Accelerate your advertising! Embrace the cool new ad features on your social sites—or not! Boost Post may be right for you if you want to reach more of a specific portion of your audience. Options include:

• People you choose through targeting
• People who like your Page
• People who like your Page and their Friends

Get a new lease on your social strategy creation by incorporating these practices into your toolkit!

Written by Catherine Heeg, an international speaker and trainer who focuses on social media marketing strategies for the tourism and hospitality industry. Join the conversation and connect with her at and socially.


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