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"I'm just saying ..."

The word "just" gets misused often or not well used, is a better analogy, I believe. The following uses of the word "just" are semi-useless:

"I just wanted to see if you received my email ..."

"I'm just following up to see if you are interested ..."

"I'm just popping in to say hello ..."

"Just a note to say thank you for the lovely gift ..."

Omitting the word "just" in your statements will make your comments stronger and more meaningful, unless it's used as an adjective:

"In a just world ..."

"They got their just reward ..."

Reread your emails, social postings and thank you notes. Eliminate the word "just!" You'll sound much better—just an idea for you. Even better: An idea for you!

Remember: "Just" is a weak, wimpy word!

NancyFriedman-HeadshotNancy Friedman is founder and president of Telephone Doctor Customer Service Training in St. Louis, Missouri. Telephone Doctor helps companies communicate better with their customers and coworkers. Nancy is a popular keynote speaker at franchise conferences and corporate meetings around the country. The author of nine, Nancy has appeared on Oprah; Fox News; CNN; Today Show; CBS This Morning; Good Morning America, Great Britain, Australia; and many other radio and TV shows and media outlets. She can be reached at [email protected] or visit or call 314.291.1012.

This article was republished with permission and originally appeared at The Telephone Doctor.


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