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Getting to Know the Bleisure Traveler

Getting to Know the Bleisure Traveler

Traditionally, travel has been reserved for either business or leisure—but times are changing.

More and more, travelers are taking their work on the road while catching some fun and relaxation along the way. Learn more about the savvy "bleisure" traveler and what your business can do to capture them.

Why does catering to the bleisure traveler matter? Well, according to Expedia Group Media Solutions research, leisure days added to business travel can nearly double the length of an already two- or three-day long trip—creating big incentives for you and your business. As much as 60 percent of business trips are converted into bleisure trips! The research recommends:

  • Create itineraries that are two to four days in length and highlight attractions and activities relevant to the traveler's interests.

  • Highlight a destinations' natural beauty, from mountains to beaches and everything in between: 51 percent of travelers said they'd extend a trip specifically to visit a city's natural sightseeing locations.

  • Think outside of the traditional box! Come up with off-season specials and deals in addition to ways to entice travelers year-round. (Because business never stops.)

  • Use ads with strong, emotive imagery and messages resonate, but keep it short: 80 percent of bleisure travelers spend just one to five hours on researching a destination.

One case study cited in Expedia's research proves that getting the attention of the bleisure traveler pays off. Tenerife, a city in Spain's Canary Islands, utilized a two-week campaign using customer audience profile segmentation—allowing the city's tourism board to target travelers searching for business, leisure and weekend getaways in the off-season. The campaign was a huge success, as the city was able to make nine million impressions and increased bookings by over 50 percent.

Play to your strengths to best tap into this growing market! Longer trips mean more chances for your business to make a lasting impact on this budding group of travelers.

Written by Sarah Suydam, Staff Writer for Groups Today.

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