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2023 Predictions: What’s to Come

Thankfully, travelers are planning trips and adventuring out into the world at a high rate—one that's looking to continue into 2023. And while there's no crystal ball that can provide us with definitive answers of what's around the bend, data can offer up valuable insight into the most likely outcomes and expectations for the next year in travel. Keep reading to learn more about what some experts predict is on the docket!

According to research from, 2023 will be the year of reimagining travel, revealing that 73% of people are more optimistic about travel than they were in 2022. When it comes to types of trips travelers are looking to take, the study found the "why" is shifting. Topping the list of popular type of vacations are: Nostalgic getaways (88% of respondents agreeing); community-minded trips (80% agreeing); and laid-back luxe life vacations (78% agreeing). Ultimately, travel as an escape continues to be true for most travelers.

The research also found that travelers were less worried about being connected to the world around them through technology while on their trips, with 55% wanting to spend their vacations off-grid and disconnected. The demographics who were most eager to disconnect were those who were employed and students, while those who are retired felt the least inclined to go off the grid completely.

While everyone has their list of favorite destinations they love to return to time and time again, many travelers are looking to shake things up in 2023. Research found that 50% of travelers want to experience a culture shock in 2023, while 73% indicated they want to experience travel out of their comfort zone, and 30% said they'd like to explore lesser-known cities to find some hidden gems.

Expedia Group's 2023 Traveler Value Index found something that many in the travel industry and beyond have recognized: Inclusion matters. The study indicated that 70% of consumers would choose a travel destination, accommodation or transportation option that was more inclusive, even if it was more expensive. This point is emphasized even further knowing that travelers continue to be budget conscious when planning their trips.

This research also found that 78% of travelers say they've made a travel choice based on promotions or ads they feel represent them through messaging or visuals. However, only 52% of consumers say they see inclusive options for all types of travelers when booking a trip, opening up the door for the travel industry at large to better meet this need in 2023.

To get some ideas for destinations to consider as we head into a new year of travel, revisit Groups Today's picks for 2023.

Written by Sarah Suydam, Managing Editor for Groups Today.


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