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Insight, Over the Years: For the Love of Group Travel

In this time of tenuous travels balanced against hopes on the horizon, Groups Today reflects on thoughtful wisdom and insight, courtesy of several members of the travel and tourism family.

"Sometimes I think it would be great just to do corporate and go to Cabo and St. Thomas. Then I travel with kids, and they're fun and you see their eyes widen with their experiences, and it's super."

- Bruce Rickert, President, Peak Performance Tours
January/February 2014

"You see how a visit can change someone's life; how an experience changes their whole perception about the people in the world they live in."

- Elisa Moed and Christina Samara, Co-Founders of Breaking Bread Journeys
May/June 2014

"You have to love this industry and be passionate about what you do. It's in this passion we create ideas and excitement for our customers. They feel it, catch it, and want to experience it, too."

- Diane Diebel, Vice President, Hanover Holidays
November/December 2014

"People are what makes the tourism industry so special. We all work hard, but at the end of the day we remember that we're helping other people capture their dreams and build memories to last a lifetime."

- Sandy Borowsky, VP Tours, Starr
March/April 2015

"Learn from your peers, and learn from your travelers. They can help you improve your product. Even in an era of impersonal online communication, personal touches—a smile and a nice gesture—still go a long way in providing a beautiful experience."

- Jorge Cazenave, Cazenave Argentina
May/June 2015

"Just when everything looks great, something happens. You learn to be resilient. Don't let the highs be too high or the lows be too low. Be flexible. Be adaptable. Appreciate everything you've got while you have it."

- John Temple, Co-President, Temple and Temple Tours
March/April 2016

"Travel teaches life lessons and exposes students to a world outside their town. It can open a whole new world of dreams and new adventures. This experience can bring hope to a student who might not have any."

- Robin Parker, President/CEO, Kaleidoscope Travel
July/August 2015

"I have certainly learned that people's love of travel and need to see the world is much stronger than their fears. The past 15 years have thrown roadblocks in our way, and the industry has worked hard and worked together to keep people traveling and feeling safe."

- Marcie Ellison Outerbridge, Vice President, Ellison Travel & Tours
May/June 2017

"Invest in relationships. I was raised on the principle that your word matters, and should have weight."

- Michael Grueninger, President, Ambassadair/Grueninger Travel Group
July/August 2017

Written by Amy L Charles, Editorial Director for Groups Today.

This article originally appeared in the November 2020 issue of Groups Today.


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