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Five Minutes With ... Bryce Albright

Five Minutes With ... Bryce Albright

Executive Director | National Dude Ranchers' Association

Bryce Albright's history with dude ranches goes back into the early years of her childhood, having been raised in the industry while her parents worked on dude ranches. Upon reaching high school and college, Albright then worked on a dude ranch herself for seven years.

Only a few years after graduating college and working in the "real world" did Albright find her way back into the industry, including being presented with the opportunity to take on the Executive Director role for the Dude Ranchers' Association.

Today, as Executive Director, Albright wears many hats, including engaging in association management, providing membership benefits, spearheading marketing for the dude ranch industry while promoting its member ranches, processing applications, organizing and executing an annual convention and completing many other operational duties.

Groups Today connected with Albright to learn more about her perspective on the industry and its continued relationship with group travel.

What are the most interesting industry changes you've experienced?
A lot changed during the COVID years where group travel, especially corporate travel and retreats, came to a stand still. It is starting to come back around, which we are glad to see! The dramatic shift in group travel was incredibly interesting to me.

What are the greatest challenges facing the dude ranch industry?
As it relates to group travel, the greatest challenge is that ranches do not have availability to host group travel right now because dude ranches are such a popular vacation destination. Other challenges they run into as well is not having enough individual accommodations for a lot of groups and/or meeting space for group travel.

What opportunities do you see for the dude ranch industry as it relates to group travel?
Dude ranches can cater to small intimate groups and can offer team building structures with their multitude of activities, in addition to offering a destination that is nothing like any where groups have been before.

For those who don't know, could you share some examples of the activities groups could enjoy during a typical dude ranch experience?
Some examples of activities groups can participate in at a dude ranch would include horseback riding, shooting sports, hiking, dancing, mountain biking, golf, fishing, river rafting and more! Dude ranches truly do offer activities for anyone's interests.

What should every newcomer to the industry know?
Dude ranches are a wonderful vacation and group travel destination! Experiencing the freedom and escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life that is found on a dude ranch is nothing like you will experience anywhere else.

Edited by Sarah Suydam, Managing Editor for Groups Today.

This article originally appeared in the May/Jun '23 issue of Groups Today.

 Photos Courtesy of Dude Ranchers' Association. 


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