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Tourism Cares Announces 2017 Volunteer Series

Tourism Cares has announced the destinations and dates for its 2017 volunteer series, which will bring tourism professionals to four cities across North America. At each location, volunteers will work with local partners on priority projects in order to meet that city's pressing needs.

"We're bringing volunteers to cities where we can work on projects that have a lasting impact for both visitors and residents of the places we'll visit," said Ellaine Deeken, Community Engagement Manager of Tourism Cares. "Our hope is to work with local organizations in the cities to help them with projects that will enhance their environments and improve the visitor experience for all."

In 2017, Tourism Cares will be hosting their volunteer series in these cities:

Oakland, California: March 23 and 24

Detroit, Michigan: May 11 and 12

Providence Rhode Island: September 14 and 15

Toronto, Ontario, Canada: October dates to be announced

As part of National Travel and Tourism Week, Tourism Cares will also host Travel's Big Give in Detroit. The event will include educational programs focused on Detroit as a destination, the importance of city tourism, and corporate social responsibility programs as well as social and business networking opportunities.

"Travel's Big Give is the inaugural summit for our philanthropic travel industry community," said Deeken. "It's a way for all of us to gather for a big give-back effort as well as enhance all of our corporate social responsibility efforts through knowledge sharing and networking."

Tourism Cares chooses host cities from the pool of cities that submitted a Request for Proposal packet found on Tourism Care's website. Tourism Cares hopes that its volunteer series helps highlight the cities chosen as places rich in culture and experiences, and exposes the places to volunteers who can share their experience with others to promote the destinations.

Photo courtesy of Tourism Cares.

 Written by Cassie Westrate, staff writer for Groups Today.

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