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Streamlining Group Tour Registration

Streamlining Group Tour Registration

Trip Mate, Inc., a travel insurance provider and subsidiary of Generali Global Assistance North America, today announced it has partnered with GroupCollect.

This partnership allows GroupCollect and Trip Mate to provide tour operators with a service that streamlines the process of group tour registration, along with travel insurance add-ons that help keep group travelers safe and increase tour operator revenue.

"This partnership is a natural fit for both brands," said Kelly P. Sahner, Chief Commercial Officer, Trip Mate. "GroupCollect provides assistance to tour operators by simplifying the onboarding process for groups, while Trip Mate provides GroupCollect's customers with the tools needed to help keep those group tours, frequently organized by schools, safe."

Trip Mate's travel insurance services will now be provided through GroupCollect's platform as an add-on for tour providers, as one of several options to increase revenue streams. This furthers both firms' goal to reduce stress for tour providers by modernizing all aspects of the tedious management process required for group travel.

"We're excited to partner with Trip Mate to continue helping tour operators easily and effectively run their business," said Corey Black, CEO and Co-Founder, GroupCollect. "Tour providers can leave the complicated spreadsheets behind and use our services to simplify the group tour onboarding process and increase their revenue streams by providing travel insurance and other add-ons to passengers."

Black added that the integration of adding insurance directly in the purchase path increases a tour operator's top-line revenue through high conversion, automated marketing emails and second-chance purchase opportunities.

"We handle the hard work so tour operators can focus on what they do best ... planning great trips for their clients," said Black. "One exciting announcement is the ability for group tour operators to include 'purchase on behalf of' policies for their entire group, while offering optional upgrades to individual registrants. In this way, operators can secure the benefits and peace of mind afforded by post-departure coverage for their entire group while easily offering optional upgrades to increase per-person revenues."

Travmark Insurance brokered this partnership between Trip Mate and GroupCollect.

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