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Resources for Helping Communities Affected by Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey made landfall on Friday, August 25, 2017, as a Category 4 storm, hitting Texas with brutal winds and torrential wind, causing severe flooding in several communities, and devastating homes and businesses. Communities and residents are in need of support, for immediate relief and the long road of recovery ahead.

Tourism Cares offers the following tips for effective disaster giving:

  1. Give to more than one charity. Spread your funding to more than one organization, specifically to organizations with different goals.
  2. Give to recovery as well as relief. The urgent relief phase often receives the bulk of attention and funding, but don't forget about recovery—which is often a much longer, harder and more expensive process. Recovery also requires the work of several organizations working in different capacities.
  3. Fund local organizations. It doesn't take much time to find qualified charities working toward causes close to your heart.
  4. Save some of your giving for later. No matter how much you plan on giving, set some of it aside for year-end holiday giving. Local needs will be very different at that time.

For immediate relief, consider donating to the American Red Cross, The Salvation Army and the Southern Baptist Disaster Relief. Also consider local organizations supporting causes you care about, including food banks and humane societies.

Tourism Cares notes that the Center for Disaster Philanthropy is a good resource for when, where and how to give.

As the relief continues and the recovery process begins, Texas Governor Greg Abbott issued a travel advisory, noting that if you're traveling to the state or have plans to visit in the near future, consider confirming hotel reservations, flight availability and other travel arrangements.

You can find updates on road conditions from the Texas Department of Transportation, available hotel rooms from the Texas Hotel & Lodging Association, and weather updates from the National Weather Service.

After five days ravaging Texas, Harvey made landfall again as a tropical storm early morning Wednesday, August 30, in Louisiana, risking additional flooding, specifically to the Southwestern region of the state. Stay updated on the state of emergency and consider donating to national and local organizations supporting affected communities.

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