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U.S. Holocaust Memorial Now Allowing Photography

The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum has made a significant change to its photography policy as of January 1, 2015. Visitors will now be able to photograph images in the Permanent Exhibition, as well as all of the other exhibitions in the Museum. The new guidelines include:

  • Visitors to the Museum may make and share personal photographs or audiovisual recordings, unless otherwise posted. Please, however, respect the dignity of this memorial and the suffering of those whose lives were impacted by the Holocaust.
  • Be considerate of the experiences of other visitors to the Museum.
  • The use of tripods or lighting equipment (including camera flashes) is not allowed inside the Museum building.
  • As you make your photographs, do not block the movement of other visitors.
  • Be respectful of other visitors who may not wish to be included in your photographs.
  • No photography or audiovisual recording for commercial or promotional purposes is allowed.
  • No photography is permitted of security officers, security equipment, or security screening areas within the Museum.
  • The Museum reserves the right to stop visitors from using their phones, cameras, or video recording devices at its discretion.

Visitors are invited to share their photos on social networks using the hashtag #witnessushmm. This hashtag feature will allow the photos to be grouped together for interested parties. Please remind individuals to be considerate of the other visitors to the Museum and of the solemnity of the subject matter.


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