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Trending Destinations for 2024

Trending Destinations for 2024

Where are your groups excited to head to this year? With roughly four in five (81%) Americans planning vacations in 2024, we took a look at the most sought-after destinations for the year, according to research from Tripadvisor.

2023 saw a resurgence of people taking holidays to all corners of the globe! Tripadvisor research indicates that travel is set to see sustained momentum in 2024. Data reveals that almost half (45%) are planning three or more trips, 46% will take at least one international trip, and the vast majority (93%) of Americans are planning to spend the same, if not more, on travel this year.

Those seeking help with travel planning often draw inspiration from the Best of the Best Destination lists, with guidance from the global travel community. Winning destinations are largely determined by an analysis of Tripadvisor reviews and ratings from a recent 12-month period. With a multitude of destinations recognized across seven award subcategories and a geographic spread spanning six continents and 80 countries, there's something for everyone.

With emerging travel hotspots for 2024, Asia comes out top, securing the top five places in the world's Trending Destinations, which identifies places that have seen the greatest year-over-year growth in interest. In the U.S., a diverse range of destinations are also on the rise.

1. Tokyo, Japan
2. Seoul, South Korea
3. Halong Bay, Vietnam
4. Palawan Island, Philippines
5. Sapa, Vietnam
6. Bogota, Colombia
7. Pattaya, Thailand
8. Alajuela, Costa Rica
9. Phnom Penh, Cambodia
10. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

1. Napa, California
2. St. Petersburg, Florida
3. Marathon, Florida
4. Brooklyn, New York
5. Provincetown, Massachusetts
6. West Yellowstone, Montana
7. Homer, Alaska
8. Eureka Springs, Arkansas
9. Portland, Oregon
10. Kanab, Utah

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