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Top Emerging Destinations for Student Travel

Member tour operators belonging to the Student & Youth Travel Association, SYTA, selected these five cities as the Top Emerging Destinations for student travel.


The Rock 'n' Roll Capital of the World was once a manufacturing hub. Today, Cleveland is a center for arts and culture.

You'll find a shrine to the legends of rock 'n' roll, a noteworthy orchestra and a performance hall—plus a score of performance opportunities for students in top-notch venues. One of the best comprehensive art museums calls the city home, as do other innovative institutions, a botanical garden, a zoo and an aquarium.

Located along the shores of Lake Erie, Cleveland boasts acres of natural parks and an amusement park famous for revolutionary roller coasters, which offers STEM and physics lessons.


Celebrating 300 years in 2018, New Orleans has a rich history and an alluring culture.

The birthplace of legendary musician Louis Armstrong is an excellent destination for students to marvel in jazz and other musical genres, and unique venues offer unforgettable performance experiences—including marching in a rollicking Mardi Gras parade.

Museums shed insight on art, heritage and WWII history. From tours of alligator farms and sustainable agriculture practices, to food and ghost tours through the historic French Quarter and beyond, there are myriad ways to explore this beloved port city.


Atlanta is a multicultural haven with world-famous attractions.

The city is packed with museums and historical sites, from the Civil War to the civil rights movement. Learn about Martin Luther King Jr.'s life and work and how it continues to influence the fight for human rights today.

Atlanta's eclectic neighborhoods boast more than 50 visual art galleries, 30-plus playhouses and theaters, and a Grammy-award-winning symphony. The city leads in film and television production, with many landmarks appearing in blockbuster hits.

An urban oasis, Atlanta is populated with green spaces and sprawling parks offering exploration beyond the city limits.


San Antonio is celebrating 300 years of robust history and culture in 2018.

Shaped by diversity, San Antonio offers unparalleled architecture, food, museums, art and music. Stroll through the heart of the city along the River Walk or take a tour by boat. Museums and visual works of art populate the stretch, as do historical landmarks.

"Remember the Alamo" and tour the city's four other Spanish missions, to learn about the 189 Texan and Tejano defenders' fight for Texas independence. San Antonio's theme parks offer thrills and lessons in physics and marine biology.


The Gateway City is more than a doorway to the West: It's a discovery of history and innovation.

Learn about the Lewis & Clark Expedition and the Louisiana Purchase. Get a sweeping view of the city at the nation's tallest man-made monument. Tour a famed old courthouse. Explore museums featuring art, Missouri state history, science and the blues.

From theme parks and sports games, to playgrounds filled with climbing apparatus made from recycled and found objects, St. Louis is a destination packed with educational fun.

To learn more about other top student travel destinations, visit Teach and Travel.

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