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Sway to the Sweet Sounds of the Blues

Opening in spring 2016 in downtown St. Louis, the National Blues Museum will feature innovative, interactive, and technological exhibits.

Strategically located at 6th Street and Washington Avenue in downtown St. Louis, the National Blues Museum is in the hub of St. Louis' tourism district. In walking distance of each of the city's major league sports stadiums and with an adjacent public transportation link within a block, the museum will find its groove amid a wide variety of concerts, events, and Convention Center visitors. Its home base is officially known as the Mercantile Exchange (MX) district, a vibrant mixed-use neighborhood. The museum will grant visitors a unique education into blues music and give them opportunities to create their own music in a high-tech mixing booth. Visitors will learn about the legendary names in the music industry that helped bring blues music to the world.

St. Louis is an excellent choice for the National Blues Museum as it is centrally located in America's heartland. St. Louis played an integral part in the history of the blues music that helped shaped our nation and telling the stories of pain, sorrow, and life. Blues music has the ability to convey raw, genuine emotion and transform it into a visceral and cathartic experience, giving meaning and substance to every other type of music that has derived from it.

A gift shop will include recordings, blues items and St. Louis memorabilia. The museum adds to a few B's that St. Louis is known for: blues, barbecue, and baseball. Once you learn about the blues musicians and hear their stories you will be a blues fan, too. Visit to learn more about the National Blues Museum.

Photo courtesy of V Three Studios, LLC.


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