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Sundays are Busy, Busy in Amish Country!

A common misconception for groups visiting Ohio's Amish Country and the Tuscarawas Valley: There is nothing to do on Sundays. "Not only are there wonderful attractions to experience on Sundays, but most of those attractions offer unique dining options," said Tiffany Gerber, Tourism Manager of the Tuscarawas County Convention & Visitors Bureau. "These attractions include five one-of-a-kind museums in the city of Dover alone!"

These include Warther Carvings Museum—home to the hand-carved steam engines of the "World's Master Carver" Ernest “Mooney" Warther and Warther Cutlery—and the J.E. Reeves Victorian Home Museum, a no-ropes look into the Reeves family's daily life, complete with an exclusive peek into the world of the housekeeping staff through the eyes of Mrs. Evans, head housekeeper. Both museums offer on-site dining options for lunch, dinner, or a customized tea or wine tasting.

Also in Dover are three museums with a unique perspective on Americana and Pop Culture. The Auman TV & Radio Museum is a collection dating back to the invention of both—a fun retrospective of games, promotional items and furniture, all with entertainment themes, as well as the original radio booth of disc jockey Alan Freed, who coined the phrase "Rock 'n' Roll." American Gas Pump Heaven is a tribute to the days of service stations and a beautiful collection of antique gas pumps. Rounding out the Dover experience is Famous Endings, a funeral memorabilia museum housed within a local funeral home. Visitors can see memorabilia from historic figures, athletes, world leaders, celebrities and heroes. The tour isn't complete without stories of "Poor Joyce," the wife of John Herzig, collector of these items. John has taken Joyce to famous funerals, to cemetery tours, and on many other adventures to collect items.

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Content provided by Tuscarawas County Convention & Visitors Bureau.

Photo courtesy of Andy Donaldson Photography.


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