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Santa Fe Offers Complimentary Spring Breaks

Santa Fe, New Mexico, is America's oldest and highest elevation state capital—and one of the world's most award-winning destinations for families seeking adventure, relaxation and genuine culture experiences. On top of this, spring break in "The City Different" just got better with Kids FreeFest Spring Break 2017.

For the second year in a row, Santa Fe travel partners are joining forces to welcome families by providing children ages 12 and under with complimentary lodging, meals, spa and culturally immersive activities.

Whether families are hitting the slopes at Ski Santa Fe, trying out some new moves at the Skateboard School, challenging their junior foodie or artist with cooking or art classes, or delving into a treasure hunt, Santa Fe is a trove of family excitement.

Santa Fe Spring Break 2017 includes a variety of hotel choices and activities throughout March and the middle of April, including treasure hunts, spa treatments, sport and outdoor adventures, art classes and exhibits, music, Flamenco classes, an Easter egg hunt and more. Santa Fe also offers delicious Northern New Mexican cuisine.

Promotion dates vary across businesses. For more information about spring break in Santa Fe, visit

 Written by Cassie Westrate, staff writer for Groups Today.

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