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Explore the Depths of Cumberland Caverns

Those with an adventurous spirit will feel right at home on a one-of-a-kind tour of Cumberland Caverns—with more than 32 miles of caves and underground passageways, incredible underground rock formations, beautiful underground waterfalls, and gleaming pools.

A U.S. National Natural Landmark, Cumberland Caverns in McMinnville, Tennessee, is the state's largest show cave and full of adventure for groups of all kinds. Discovered in 1810, the cave has welcomed thousands of visitors and hundreds of tour groups for an unforgettable underground experience.

Enjoy a constant temperature of 56 degrees with no bugs or rain—throughout the year!

Daily Adventure Tours

The opportunity to go on a spelunking adventure—complete with helmets and headlamps—is available for you and your group seven days a week, without booking an advance reservation. Start the day off with a group favorite and perfect introduction to caving: The Rocky Topper. Visitors ages 6 and up can travel through a maze of spectacular gypsum crystals, ancient fossils and grand formations.

If you can't make the first trip of the day, check out Higgenbotham's Revenge—a historic trek for groups age 11 and up that boasts tall ladders, incredible sights, and a trip over the mountain to descend inside the cave from a hidden entrance.

If the Adventure Tours aren't necessarily your group's jam, there are less intense Walking Tours happening daily.

VIP Experience

If being treated like a celebrity is more your group's speed, they're in luck. With a VIP reservation, groups will be treated to a private guide, high-protein snacks and water to fuel their adventure—all at a time that works best with your schedule.

World-Class Entertainment

What's better than enjoying a concert 333 feet underground? Some would argue, nothing. Cumberland Caverns Live brings musicians from all over the world to their world-famous Volcano Room—a spectacular venue with near-perfect acoustics presented with a backdrop of amazing formations and unsurpassed beauty. Groups can even add a pre-show Exploration Tour to their tickets.

Cumberland Cavern tours are generally considered mildly strenuous with a minimum 1.5 miles of walking with steps and slopes—a good pair of walking shoes and a light jacket are recommended.

Be ready to get dirty!

Learn more and start planning your next group trip at Cumberland Caverns.

Written by Sarah Suydam, Staff Writer for Groups Today.

Photo courtesy of Adam Davila/CumberLand Caverns.

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