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Celebrate 150 Years of Canada’s Science and Innovation

The Ontario Science Centre is celebrating Canada's sesquicentennial with new programming lauding science and innovation with a lineup of films, exhibitions and events—and a trio of new experiences.

Canada 150: Discovery Way

From the reaches of space to common household items, Canada 150: Discovery Way features the stories behind transformational inventions and innovations. The exhibit—which features 22 notable artifacts including the hockey mask, flight recorder, Jolly Jumper and the Blackberry pager—emphasizes the curiosity, critical thinking and courage required for scientific discoveries. The exhibit challenges viewers to ask questions, make observations and test ideas of their own.

The Energy Show

Building upon the Science Centre's popular Electricity Demonstration, The Energy Show explores the practical applications and implications of energy consumption in an engaging new presentation. Audiences will learn about renewable and non-renewable sources of energy such as solar, wind and fossil fuels in order to deepen their understanding of the essential roles of energy generation, transmission and storage.

Guided by an Ontario Science Centre presenter, audiences will assist with energy-related research by making hypotheses, conducting experiments, uploading data and testing unique equipment (including a seven-foot, 500,000-volt Tesla coil, a Faraday cage and a Van de Graaff generator).


Created by award-winning Canadian artist Ken Hall, Legacy is a life-sized, anatomically correct orca skeleton composed of more than 200 carved cedar bones. Based on 3-D digital scans of orca bones, the sculpture's medium honors coastal First Nations totem carvings. The piece explores our relationship with the natural world, compelling visitors to reflect on our current environmental practices and the changes we want to inspire for the future.

All three exhibits are offered daily throughout 2017 and included with general admission. For more information on the new installations and to purchase tickets, visit

Written by Cassie Westrate, staff writer for Groups Today.

 Photo courtesy of Ontario Science Centre. 

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