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Experience can be a great teacher, but sometimes the lessons are painful. May our contributors' collective wisdom save us all a few lumps.

"Be sure that clients understand the terminology in their contract. On a recent trip, couples could save $90 with quad occupancy. Checking in to the hotel, one gentleman realized he and his wife were sharing a room with another couple—he was not happy. He claimed to not know what 'quad' meant. We tried to get them a separate room, but the hotel was fully booked. More than once during the four-day trip he reminded me that I should have done more to fix the situation. Short of giving up my room and sleeping in the hallway, I'm not sure what else I was expected to do."
—Kris Kabus, RKD Bank

"Do not underestimate the importance of the medical release forms. Triplicate copies are always good to have, in addressing everything from unexplainable rashes, dehydration, flu symptoms, broken bones, and childbirth. Yes, we had a baby born to an unsuspecting mother while on a trip!"
—Melissa Loman, Student Group Tours, Inc.

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