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Be Productive. Be efficient. Be effective. But, how? We're all crunched for time in the office, and none of us relish the opportunity to bring hours of work home. Unless you have a truly overwhelming workload, Nicole Fallon, assistant news editor at Business News Daily, can help. In her article 10 Ways to be More Productive at Work, Fallon helps guide us all on our path to productivity.

Streamline Your Space

Start your day the clutter-free way. "Having a clutter-free environment helps you think more clearly and produce better results," said Kristoph Matthews, CEO of Boxbee. Organizing your workspace will not only increase your productivity, but you will waste less time searching for things.

Add Pops of Color or Live Plants

Different colors affect our mood in different ways. For instance, blue creates a sense of calm and red helps us pay attention to detail. Also, according to a study from Texas A&M University, office plants help reduce workplace fatigue and headaches.

Decorate Your Workspace

Fallon suggests adding some personal touches to your office space. Family photos and personal knick-knacks can make you feel more comfortable and, in turn, boost your productivity.

Get Your Most Dreaded Task Out of the Way

Don't procrastinate away your more difficult assignments! "Instead of waiting until the last minute to finish a task, get it off your plate as soon as possible," Matthews said. "Your other tasks will seem less daunting by comparison, and you'll stop stressing about that one task all day, making you more productive overall."

Ignore Your E-mails (at least while you can)

Constant e-mail pop-ups are distracting. Fallon suggests turning off your e-mail notifications and only checking messages at set intervals.

Move Around

Jenny Gauld, an interior designer for Turnstone, suggests spending a portion of your day standing up or working at a height-adjusted workspace. She is also an advocate of walking meetings and conference calls.

Prioritize Tasks That Take Less Time

Don't push the quick, easy tasks to the end of the day. Fallon warns that in reality these tasks may take longer than expected, leaving you stuck at your desk longer than you'd expected.

Take Short Breaks

Break up the monotony with a quick walk, a cup of coffee or a quick chat with a co-worker. Fallon says breaks can help improve circulation and reduce eyestrain and muscle tension.

Listen to Music

According to Gauld, listening to your favorite tunes can put you in a work groove. Earbuds are also a subtle way to tell your co-workers, "not right now."

Switch Locations

Mix it up! A change of scenery may renew your energy and change your creative mindset.

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Written by Lisa Sticker, staff writer Groups Today magazine.


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