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Are You Meeting the Moment? Why a Rebrand Should Be Top of Mind.

It's not surprising to hear that for many businesses, the pandemic was a wake-up call. The way we do things has undoubtedly needed to change to grow along with the ever-changing world around us. For many, this growth has been embraced and taken the form of a full rebrand. Should you also be doing the same? We sat down with Loren Eisenlohr, Marketing Director for Serendipity Media—publisher of Groups Today—to hear why there's perhaps no better time than now to consider making a change.

Because the pandemic took many businesses back to the beginning in terms of revenue and customer base, Eisenlohr says now is the perfect opportunity to not only rebuild, but also contemplate a rebrand.

"For some, the mentality may be that there isn't much to lose at this point, so why not try something new?" she said. " For others, a rebrand may be what's needed to relaunch a company's identity, to garner attention and remind customers they still exist."

A rebrand is also an opportunity to reinvigorate employees about the products and services that may have lost their luster over time. Taking a step toward a refresh also allows for the potential to re-engage with past clients, excite loyal travelers and gain some new ones.

"Rebranding allows a company to evaluate why they've been doing things a certain way and to identify inefficiencies, clean house, reorganize and modernize," Eisenlohr explained, noting companies can meet the moment by updating their look and feel while meeting customers where they're at most these days: online. "With rapidly changing technology, it's imperative that companies keep up with their customers, and in the time of the pandemic, many people came to rely more heavily on websites and social media, the primary reflections of a brand's identity and culture."

So, how do you know if a top-to-bottom rebrand makes sense for you? Start by evaluating risks and rewards, including customer base and revenue.

"Is there a risk of losing customers through a rebrand? Would a rebrand cost more than the potential ROI? For some, a top-to-bottom rebrand may not be what's called for, and a simpler, less costly refresh may be the better route," Eisenlohr advised.

Think sprucing up your logo, evaluating inefficiencies, etc.

"What's one thing you can do to improve customer service? How can you make your social media platforms more consistent? Could your logo use brighter colors? These changes don't cost a lot, but they could make a huge difference in brand awareness and customer loyalty."

Upon settling on the decision to move forward with a rebrand, you should be able to succinctly answer what you hope to gain and why.

"Once goals are determined, a new look and feel can be considered based on what a company hopes to achieve," Eisenlohr said. "What kind of impression does your company want to set? What kind of actions do you want your clients to take? What are the brand elements that will help guide those actions?"

And though logos, colors and fonts are the most obvious changes in a rebrand, remember: there's more that goes into creating an overall brand experience. Eisenlohr suggests companies take into account the entire client journey.

"Is your website easy to navigate? When a customer walks into your business, is there music playing? What type of seating is used? How are clients greeted? It's difficult to do, but those involved need to walk in their clients' shoes and make branding decisions based on client perceptions, not their own inevitably biased points of view."

While a rebrand can feel like a daunting endeavor, it can also be a very exciting and worthwhile effort. Eisenlohr recommends starting small and being strategic about what changes are made and how, which might require an outside perspective.

"Hiring a marketing agency to come in as a partner can be extremely helpful," she said. "A good marketing agency will come in with a customer's perspective, but they'll work to learn, understand and harness a company's heart. Those two elements combined can be incredibly powerful."

Ultimately, a rebrand may just be the fresh start you and your clients need.

Written by Sarah Suydam, Managing Editor for Groups Today.

This article originally appeared in the Jan/Feb '22 issue of Groups Today.


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