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Will Millennials Fuel Cruise Industry Recovery?

As vaccination efforts grow more widespread, an increasing number of travelers have adventure on the brain. One traveler demographic not to sleep on? Millennials. Learn how to cruise industry might actually be the renewed focus of this experience-driven generation in a post-pandemic world.

As most know by now, millennials want experiences. Speaking as a millennial myself, we generally don't want to buy stuff. We much prefer to experience our stuff. Cruising may be the ideal vehicle to deliver these fantastic and over-the-top experiences, according to the experts at CruiseComplete.

Here are a few examples of cruise experiences which will specifically appeal to millennial travelers:

Indulge in culinary wonderment.
A good meal is worth enjoying. A truly great meal might just get posted to Instagram. What can we say? We millennials love our food. Seek out cruise ships with restaurants who offer destination-special fare that adds an even more specific flair to the trip. Millennial wine fans might also select a ship based solely on the fact that they have some rare and scarcely found wines aboard. Tack on a flight tasting or hard-to-find blend and you've got a winning combination for wine connoisseurs.

Soak up the best beaches in the world.
Honestly, what's better than stepping off a stunning ship onto a pristine beach which is ranked among the best in the world? Many millennials would say "not much." Several cruise ships offer private island experiences worthy of peak millennial approval. Be sure to also consider what's special or unique about a destination the ship visits. Is it photo-worthy? Then you've got a winner.

Seek out history and adrenaline.
Though millennials get a bad reputation for always having our noses in our phones, we love the idea of exploring history in person and seeing some of the oldest sights possible. Cruise itineraries that include a historic element will surely grab the attention of most millennials. Don't forget to inject some sports and adrenaline where possible—think excursions like ziplining through the rainforest, bungee jumping in the jungle, scenic golf courses, etc.

Consider ship accommodations.
Though most millennials aren't likely to spend frivolously, we don't mind accommodations that feel elevated and reasonably luxurious (we've long moved on from sleeping on dorm room futons). An increasing number of cruise ships are offering some expanded cabins with additional attractive amenities. Look into which ships are going the extra mile to please their guests in this realm. We're all finally realizing how important a quality pillow is.

Written by Sarah Suydam, Managing Editor for Groups Today.


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