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Taking Pets on the Road

For many, their pets truly are family members. And after spending so much quality time with them at home over the last two years, travelers don't want to leave their pets behind—making pet-friendly travel options understandably more appealing than ever.

According to new research from Harvest Hosts, pets remain top priority when planning travel, especially for Millennials:

More than half of all travelers (52%) admittedly base their travel plans on accommodating their pets—with Millennials being most likely to be swayed by their pets (56%).

Meanwhile, over one-third of travelers (37%) deemed pet-friendly accommodations a "must-have." Millennials are most likely to bring their pets on vacation, with 39% saying pet-friendly accommodations are a "must-have." Gen Zers are slightly less tied to their furry friends, with about one-third saying pet-friendly accommodations are "nice to have, but not necessary." Boomers are not traveling with pets as much, and 34% say pet-friendly accommodations are "not necessary."

Naturally, there are plenty of considerations to be made before bringing Fido out on the road or along for the ride in the sky.

First, travelers must consider what's best for their pets. Will the journey stress them out too much? If so, it's probably best they're left at home. Health concerns should also be addresses with the pet's veterinarian beforehand.

When it comes to identification, ensure pets have collars with the proper tags and are microchipped, in addition to having emergency supplies on hand. Proper accessories, such as sturdy crates, quality leads and water/food bowls, are also a necessity.

Of course, do your proper research ahead of time to ensure how pet-friendly a destination or attraction is, and dig deeper as to what their definition of "pet-friendly" really is.

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Written by Sarah Suydam, Managing Editor for Groups Today.


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