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Robert Miller, Esq. is a retired New York attorney with a master's degree in tourism administration. He was recognized in Groups Today's Top 10 Next Gens feature in the January/February 2015 magazine. Here, he reflects on translating his love of NYC into great experiences for groups.

New York City is the most iconic city in the United States. It's a cultural, historical, culinary, and energetic mecca; it's also my company's backyard. We love booking groups into NYC hotels, because we love sharing our city with the world. But, more than that, we love entertaining clients who visit!

Once the hotel site inspections are done, hands are shaken, and connections made, our team makes sure to expose our visiting clients to the nooks and crannies most tours just don't have time for. First-time visitors need to see the iconic locations, but once they've experienced the splendor of Lady Liberty and the like, they need to see what New Yorkers love.

Interested in history? Why not focus on New York's answer to prohibition: the speakeasy. Death + Company is an East Village speakeasy that harkens back to its roots with custom cocktails served by bartenders in bow ties and suspenders.

If we're with theater lovers, after delicious cocktails we might head up to Union Square for Fuerza Bruta, an immersive theatre experience that originated in Buenos Aires with live music and aerial displays. We have to make sure to hang on to the gang because you move with the show and might just end up getting soaked in a downpour of water and confetti! What show on Broadway ends with a rave in the audience? If that's not your thing, we might lounge in a private karaoke room in Midtown, entertaining each other with warbling renditions of our favorites.

One thing that's a must? Sunday brunch. But only at a spot that offers NYC's patented Bottomless Mimosas. Whatever their flavor, our joy is tailoring an entertaining outing that features the lesser-known establishments that make NYC unlike anywhere else.

Written by Robert Miller, Esq., president/owner of Travel Advocates, a global hotel site selection company founded in 2005. With more than 75 years of combined experience providing personalized hotel site selection, and booking thousands of hotel room nights for groups each year, the team works as an advocate for clients, who come from the corporate, government, association, tour and travel, athletic and social markets.

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