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How to Leave an Effective Voicemail

You have ten seconds to capture your prospect’s attention over the phone—so don’t waste critical time. This is especially critical when leaving your prospect a voicemail.

Here are some tips to avoid voicemail disasters:

Use a script. When calling multiple prospects at one time, being prepared with a script will help you get your points across faster, sound more professional, and inspire a return call. Keep the script short and include these elements to capture the listener’s interest:

•Connect – How did you find this prospect?
•Reason for call – Idea sharing, follow-up, schedule meeting, referral?
•Value – What value are you offering the prospect? Check out this great video from Jill Konrath on what not to say, and how to show value in your calls.

Practice your script. If I hear you reading from a canned script that you haven’t personalized in any way, I’m going to delete your call. Practicing helps you get your tone, inflection, and speed intact, so you don’t sound like a bumbling idiot. If you do happen to stumble and sound like the bumbling idiot, acknowledge it and poke a little fun at yourself and the situation. You might not get a return call, but you did make an impression and you’ll be remembered the next time you call. Practice with another team member, or leave yourself a voicemail. When you play back your recorded message, you’ll know exactly how you sound and what you need to correct.

Leave your name and number at the end of the call. It sounds weird and it feels weird, but once you practice and get the swing of it, it’s easier. Why leave it at the end? Prospects assume the worst in sales calls. Admit it: You do too. When you offer up some value and a little teaser on the call, you might pique their interest.  This, however, will not: “Hi. This is Jennifer from Serendipity Media, and ...” DELETE.

Help put an end to disastrous voicemails by implementing these tips today.

Got a tip to share? We’d love to hear it!

Written by: Jennifer Reeves, sales director
Photo courtesy of: (imagerymagestic)

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