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Have You Heard About Revenge Travel?

Though it might not be exactly what it sounds like, revenge travel is describing a very real anticipated trend in the leisure travel realm: travelers are going to be embarking on extra trips or splurging on amenities post-pandemic due to the feeling of being deprived of travel (as we knew it) for over a year.

A survey from Luggage Hero found 45% of those surveyed worldwide aim to engage in revenge travel, but only after waiting a bit to make sure it is completely safe. Vaccine distribution efforts are undoubtedly providing a large dose of this optimism, giving travelers the green light to begin planning future adventures with vigor.

For some people, revenge travel will have a lot to do with the number of trips they're looking to take. For others, this might be the push they've needed to finally book that dream vacation to a destination they've always wanted to explore. And this really could be the time for planning these types of trips, as prices are likely to be somewhat lower than in years past.

But before the adventures begin, there's still plenty to consider. Obviously, as we know well by now, things can change. So it's essential to make travelers aware of their options as it relates to travel insurance and varying local restrictions for your destination. Thankfully, a good number of major airlines have eliminated change fees, making travelers feel a heightened sense of confidence in booking their flight now.

If travelers have their hearts set on globe-trotting internationally, things may be a bit more difficult. Edward "Ned" Russell, an Airlines Reporter for Skift, recently told Forbes that he anticipates international travel will take longer to recover than domestic, with air travel recovery being closely tied to vaccine distribution.

Ultimately, there's no denying travelers are more than ready to get back to their usual travel behaviors once it's safe enough to do so. What steps are you taking now to ensure you can meet the needs of these groups?

Written by Sarah Suydam, Managing Editor for Groups Today.


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