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Family-Friendly Cruising Is Easier Than Ever

Family-Friendly Cruising Is Easier Than Ever

Family and multigenerational travelers are enjoying the ease cruises offer.

If you're anything like me, family trips growing up were always filled with sunshine, laughter, great memories and a friendly sibling rivalry over who got to roast the first marshmallow over the fire. It also often included towing a camper during Michigan's summer months or staying with a relative in a warm destination during the cold winter stretch. These days, however, more and more families are opting for cruises as a way to escape the norm, see the sights and have an unforgettable family vacation all year round.

So what is it about cruising that's attracting more and more family groups, multigenerational and otherwise? Come along as we explore some of the amenities that make this type of trip appealing.

Of course, enlisting the help of a group travel professional who specializes in families is one of the smartest choices a family can make when it comes to travel. Next to that decision, families are drawn to the opportunity cruising offers to take a break from the stress of planning the logistics of getting everyone in the family from point A, to point B, to point C, to point D! Once they've embarked on their adventure, they can simply enjoy the time spent with their loved ones. Some popular times for family cruising often coincide with school holidays (Christmas, winter and spring breaks, and summer vacation).

Cruises are the perfect way to see some incredible destinations all around the world, and once families step off the ship and into whatever port is on the itinerary that day, they can count on a bounty of family-friendly shore excursions to be waiting for them. Celebrity Cruises specifically offers everything from cultural tours and swimming with dolphins to hiking along incredibly scenic landscapes and more, so families can count on sharing these incredible memories together.

The beauty of family cruising is that a group can be together for some activities, but they don't have to be for all! Many families love being able to give their children or grandchildren an opportunity to be independent and explore their own interests. Thankfully, cruise lines often offer youth-specific programming that caters to exactly what kids, pre-teens and teens enjoy.

Celebrity Cruises, for example, offers Camp At Sea, an onboard entertainment center and program designed exclusively for kids ages three to 12 that's open every day from 9 a.m. – 10 p.m. Kids can participate in activities like treasure hunts, arts and crafts, sports and theme parties, while teens can enjoy video game competitions, culinary classes and more. Of course, it's all done under the supervision of experienced staff.

Family cruises are great for quality time together, but that doesn't mean parents and grandparents can't have a night out to themselves. Royal Caribbean's award-winning Adventure Ocean youth program and its "Late Night Party Zone" is just one example of evening care adults can rely on. This offering, which includes group sitting for children ages 3-11 between the hours of 10 p.m. and 2 a.m., allows parents to take advantage of a ship's nightlife, like enjoying a glass of wine at one of many bars, a late-night poolside movie, or trying their luck at one of the casino's slot machines.

Accessibility is an important area of focus that families are increasingly expecting cruise lines to prioritize—and several are answering the call. Celebrity specifically offers things like boarding assistance, accessible staterooms, carefully crafted accessible shore excursions, autism-friendly considerations and more, in addition to welcoming service dogs on all ships. Knowing cruise lines like Celebrity are taking this initiative and have dedicated teams to address these needs allows travelers of all kinds and abilities to feel seen and cared for, and that they too can have an experience of a lifetime alongside their entire family.

Written by Sarah Suydam, Managing Editor for Groups Today.


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