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8 Essentials Travelers Should Have When Visiting New York City This Fall

Spending time in the Big Apple can be super exciting—especially when the colors of fall finally start emerging along the city streets.

When it comes to packing, travelers should remember to bring these eight essential items along to make their trip the most enjoyable it can be.

Good walking shoes.
It's safe to assume groups will do plenty of walking during their NYC trip, so it's important to make sure everyone can comfortably get around. Remind travelers that even though it may be tempting to wear a new pair of fashionable flats—that aren't broken in yet—unless you want a first class ticket to blister town, those supportive tennis shoes may be their best bet.

Cash for tips and restaurants.
It may be common in some places to be able to split a dinner check. In NYC, it's not the norm and can actually be viewed as rude to ask. Be sure travelers know to bring a good amount of cash for this, as well as for tipping concierge, drivers, et cetera. Encourage them to download apps such Venmo to be able to quickly and easily pay back others in their group, should they need to borrow money at any point.

Fall can be finicky weather-wise, especially along the East Coast. Remind travelers to keep an eye on the weather forecast leading up to their trip and pack accordingly. It'll be helpful throughout the day to be able to shed or add layers, as temperatures can shift drastically from morning to afternoon to night.

Compact umbrella and hat.
When it rains, it pours—literally and figuratively. Travelers will be thankful to have some coverage should it start to rain on their parade. Having a small, collapsible umbrella or hat onhand is highly appreciated, should Mother Nature open the skies.

Smartphone power bank.
Not only do we use our phones for communicating, but we also use them for taking photos or looking up directions. During your trip, chances are groups members will use and need lots of power. Small, external power banks can fit discretely in most small purses or pant pockets, ensuring travelers never miss out on documenting a memory or being able to make an important call.

A Sharpie marker.
Stick with me on this one. New York is full of well-known and notable people. If your travelers like to collect autographs, they'll be happy to have this little guy later. If seeing Broadway shows is on your group's radar, hang around the stage door after the show for a chance to meet some of the cast—depending on the performance, they'll sometimes stick around!

Reliable tote or backpack.
Whether travelers are picking up souvenirs to take home or end up with lots of layers to carry around—did I mention the weather can be finicky?—having a catchall bag to store their belongings will take the stress out of juggling everything while navigating the busy streets and subway.

A positive outlook.
As much as travelers may be enjoying their trip so far, it's important to remind them to bring their optimism along. Small mistakes or unfortunate instances can be unavoidable, but that doesn't mean that they—as much of a bummer as they are—should ruin your group's whole trip.

The cool thing about NYC is that you can buy anything you want, generally 24/7. Travelers who forget any of the above will likely have an opportunity to pick something up fairly quickly.

Written by Sarah Suydam, Staff Writer for Groups Today.


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