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4 Ways to Dive Deep in Group Travel

Time to dive deep into group travel.


With two-thirds of our world composed of water, it's no wonder travel operators are beginning to integrate underwater attractions into travel experiences.

And we're not just talking about SCUBA or shark cages. More and more, underwater restaurants, resorts, tours and transportation are beginning to make waves in the industry.

Have your groups considered cruising ... underwater?
Submarine tours allow travelers to explore the ocean depths and "swim" with the fish. Atlantis Submarines has been sharing the magnificence of Hawaii's undersea world since 1988 with environmentally safe submarines, and Catalina Adventure Tours' semi-submersible SS Nautilus has a fish food feeding system allowing guests some face-to-face time with schools of hungry fish.

Let's talk about ocean views.
Most underwater accommodations are set only partially underwater so guests can continue to use normal electricity and plumbing—and maintain a normalized pressure. Many underwater resorts are costly and have limited accommodations, but several hotels are set to open in the future. Poseidon Undersea Resorts, set to open in Fiji, will feature 25 suites. Other resorts might not offer underwater lodging, but their amenities make a splash. The Huvafen Fushi resort in Male, Maldives, is home to the world's first underwater spa.

It's possible to eat underwater without food getting soggy.

Luxury underwater restaurants, such as the Ithaa Undersea restaurant at the Hotel Conrad Maldives Rangali, are stunning. They can also be a bit expensive. But, hey. The seaweed is always greener in somebody else's ocean.

Aquarium restaurants are an attractive alternative.

And we do mean attractive.

Aquarium at the Opry Mills Mall in Nashville features floor-to-ceiling viewing of a 200,000-gallon aquarium with over 100 species of colorful, tropical fish from the Caribbean Sea, Hawaii, South Pacific and the Indian Ocean.

Just try not to think about eating fish while living fish are staring at y'all.

Go fish.
Have your groups considered the novelty of playing games underwater?

The Clear Lounge in Cozumel, Mexico, offers half-hour experiences where guests can enter a 13,000 gallon underwater lounge with oxygen helmets and play Jenga, have photos taken in a photo booth, shoot bubble guns at targets and more.

Photo courtesy of Clear Lounge Cozumel.

Written by Cassie Westrate, staff writer for Groups Today.

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