Are You a Phubber?

July is National Cellphone Courtesy Month.

Why not all year long? We sure need it.

July is also the 10th anniversary of the iPhone. What a phenomenon!

And yet we still know folks who are enjoying the solid old flip phone. Go figure. Well, whichever phone you use, there are manners involved.

Most of us know them. But like everything else, refreshers and reminders never hurt.

Is there anyone left who hasn't witnessed two people having dinner and both deeply involved in their cellphone? "Phubbing" is the act of snubbing people you are with and choosing the phone over them.

And listen to this. When was the last time you checked your own cellphone voice mail? Are you married to the boring, non-effective message that came with the phone? Do you have any of the 5 Frustrating Voice Mail Phrases on your phone? Easy to fix that. Make it fun. Smile and create a simple, interesting message.

There are many frustrations about cellphone manners; I hear 'em all. This list is only a few. Shoot us your frustrations, if they're not on this list.

If you're sitting next to strangers, believe me, they're not interested in your conversation. How about getting up and going to a spot where you're not the center of attention?

Who hasn't heard, "Hi, I'm about to take off." And then a few hours later. "Hi, we're about to land." OK, OK, I get it. Someone wants to know you're safe. HINT: Text 'em.

Your cellphone is a microphone. Honest. You don't need to shout. And if you do, again, pick yourself up and move to a private area.

Public Bathrooms
Do I even need to mention this? OMG!

Come on. Give us a break.

Texting and Driving
One word: DON'T. There is now an instrument called TEXTALIZER. And while some feel it might invade privacy, as the article notes, it's like the "Breathalyzer" for safety sake. Texting while driving is dangerous. Please don't. Even at a red light when you feel you have 30 seconds to jot a note or just say OK, something dangerous could happen. It's just not worth it. It's tempting I know, but not worth it.

The list goes on, but I'd like to hear your own frustrations. List them here and let's let the abusers know what's bothering us. Come on, don't be shy.


Written by and reprinted with permission of Nancy Friedman, President, Telephone Doctor Customer Service, St. Louis, Missouri. Learn more about the author of nine books and popular keynote speaker on customer service, sales and communication skills on or by calling 314.291.1012.

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