25 Days of Travel Hacks

25 Days of Travel Hacks

The holiday season is upon us, and we could all use a couple of hacks to make traveling through it a bit easier.

Bring a Refillable Water Bottle
Always have a refillable water bottle on hand. The opportunities to fill it will not only save you from dehydration, but possibly also money. Bring it empty through airport security to fill afterwards or use it frozen to keep things cold in a car cooler, the options are endless.

Pack Light and Smart
We can survive on much less than we anticipate. Bring the bare minimum, and purchase location specific items if needed.

Prepare for Time Zone Change and Jet Lag
We don't want to miss a second of our vacation due to jet lag. Prepare for jet lag in advance by adjusting your sleep schedule beforehand, exercise, and, if necessary, add in a little extra caffeine. Check out a few more of our tips here!

Get to the Airport Early
Not only around the holidays, but always try to arrive at the airport early. It will save you stress and provides buffer room should something go awry.

Take the Scenic Route
We're all preoccupied with the anticipation of getting to our destination as quickly as possible. But this often leads us into large traffic messes. Taking the scenic route will probably save you from the headache of traffic. It'll also provide you with the opportunity to start your vacation the minute you leave your house; appreciate those views and talk to your travel companions!

Download Apps to Make Things Easier and More Fun
Apps are a great way to stay organized and to find things to do in the city you're visiting. Download anything you think you might need or want before you leave to save on data! Check out some suggested apps.

Have a Backup of Everything
Make a copy of all your important documents and forms of ID. Also, bring back up batteries and extra of anything that you might easily misplace or lose—think medication or sunscreen.

Hack Your Breakfast
We're talkin' instant oatmeal. One of the most readily available commodities during travels is hot water. Even when the coffee has run out, hot water remains. And if you're unsure about those watery eggs, whipping out that instant oatmeal pack will be a life saver.

Make Your Bags Stand Out
Whether you're traveling by plane, train or bus, you'll want to quickly get your luggage upon arrival. Picking luggage that's unique can save you from having to looking through the pile of navy-blue suitcases or at every baggage tag.

Prepare Entertainment
Traveling usually, and hopefully, involves relaxation, but it also includes a lot of waiting. Pre-download your favorite forms of entertainment so you're ready to go no matter where you're waiting or relaxing.

Dryer Sheets
We've said it before, and we'll say it again. Put dryer sheets everywhere and anywhere. Save yourself from any unwelcome scents and read here to see the benefits you didn't know dryer sheets had while traveling.

Bring a Power Strip or Extension Cord
Regardless of if you also need an adapter for foreign outlets, bringing one of these is a good idea. Not only do you have more range with your devices while charging, you just created extra charging ports for more devices.

Buy Insurance
If there's one thing that Planes, Trains and Automobiles taught us, it's that travel insurance is always a good idea. This is true especially during the holiday season with irregular weather. Talk to your travel advisor today or visit travelinsured.com to learn more about travel protection!

Prepare for the Worst but Hope for the Best
Travel has a way of bringing the best and the worst out of us. Prepare for all scenarios by packing wisely, purchasing travel insurance, and having a little more patience that day.

Airplane Mode
Aside from the fact that airplane mode should be turned on when flight attendants ask you to, there are other benefits to it as well. Turning on airplane mode will save your phone battery and make it last much longer. It'll also help your phone charge faster.

Reusable straws are making headway in the go-green world around us, and for good reason. One of the best times to carry one with you is when traveling. Save the planet and enjoy guilt and germ-free beverages wherever you go!

Collect Change and Donate It
This isn't so much a hack but rather an act of joy and kindness. When traveling, we collect lots of loose change. At the end of your trip, give the local coffee shop all that extra change in their tip jar or to someone less fortunate.

Bring a Pillowcase
Resting your head somewhere is a struggle while away from home, especially if you're concerned about germs. Bringing a fresh pillowcase can ease your mind. And if you're in a pinch, you can create a make-shift pillow by stuffing that pillowcase with some of your clothes.

Clothespin for Toothbrush
Clip a clothespin to your toothbrush in order to keep it elevated from bathroom surfaces. Few things are guaranteed to be clean when traveling, this will give you peace of mind.

Baby Powder Everything
One unfortunate thing that results from traveling is sweat, and sometimes a lot of it. Baby powder is your saving grace for this ill-fated bi product. Put a little under your arms, on areas your skin rubs or chafes, and even in your hair to absorb some of that moisture and leave you smelling great!

Carry a Pen
Whether we need to fill out last minute paperwork, a customs card, or want to play hang man with the kids, pens are great to keep stashed wherever there's a little extra room.

Always Make Copies
This travel hack might be one of the most important ones, second to purchasing travel protection. Unexpected things come up during travel all the time, stay prepared with having multiple copies of your trip documents spread throughout your bags. Check out our ultimate travel document checklist!

Ear Plugs and a Sleeping Mask
Combat the loud noises and less than dark spaces of traveling by packing ear plugs and a sleeping mask. Whether you're trying to catch some z's while on a flight or have a snoring roommate in your hostel, these items will help you're sleep schedule stay intact.

Eat the Local Food
One way to completely immerse yourself in the local culture is by eating what they eat. This goes for domestic trips and international. You might even find your new favorite dish to indulge in, and a reason to go back to that city!

Journaling is a great way to keep track of each place you've visited and what you've done there. This can come in the form of writing stories and places down, picture taking, or even scrap booking. You may look back years from now and be surprised by what you forgot you did on all those trips.

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