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Influencers of Group Travel: Wendy Dobrzynski

Everyone has that one person in their circle; that trusted individual you can go to for informed guidance, sage advice, valuable experience and more. That person who never fails to bring fresh ideas to the table and challenges what has always been in order to build something better.

In the group travel industry, these are the leaders who have risen to the surface as folks who are always willing to try new things, bolster innovation within the industry, drive others in a positive direction, and are recognizable among group travel professionals as someone who can be relied upon.

We asked our readers to share who among their industry peers should be recognized for their efforts in this realm. Those who were selected to be among the 2022 Influencers of Group Travel were featured in a recent issue of Groups Today. Keep reading to get to know them!



Wendy Dobrzynski
Executive Director | Circle Wisconsin

Boasting over 30 years of experience in the group travel market, Wendy Dobrzynski started her career as a Bank Travel Program director where she created, marketed and escorted numerous one-day motorcoach events and extended tour programs both domestically and internationally.

Her extensive experience in the group tourism market, both as a sales person and group travel leader, has brought renewed enthusiasm and fresh ideas to promoting Wisconsin as an ideal destination to the group travel industry.

"I love this market and am more than happy to share my experiences, advice and enthusiasm," Dobrzynski said. "It's part of being a leader to encourage, mentor and support your colleagues so they'll succeed. This market is underappreciated and overshadowed by other segments and as we move forward, I'll continue to use my voice to be a proponent for the group and motorcoach industry, which I believe has great untapped economic potential."

As the industry continues to rebound from the COVID-19 pandemic, Dobrzynski shared some perspective on how she thinks the industry can continue to grow and evolve.

"Everyone who knows me knows my soap box issue has been and remains to be that word we all don't like to talk about: tracking," she explained. "The pandemic has shown the vulnerability of staffing and funds dedicated to marketing and sales to the group tour industry. This market is overshadowed by other segments because of trackability."

When it comes to suggestions for how others in industry can influence those in their own communities and circles, Dobrzynski suggests that everyone in the industry get on a motorcoach and take a tour, whether it's simply a day trip or something more extended.

"If you experience it, you'll have a better understanding on how group tours impact a community and the benefits of group travel," she said.

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Written by Sarah Suydam, Managing Editor for Groups Today.


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