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Bringing Incredible Travel Experiences to Life: Alex Berardi

As President of, Alex Berardi is continuing a family legacy that stretches back generations.

"My great grandfather founded one of the first Trailways bus carriers in New York State and operated what was then New York City's Dixie Bus Station before the advent of the Port Authority Bus Terminal," Berardi said. "Ever since I was a child, I have been surrounded by transportation, and despite a stint in fashion, fate had its way!"

Having now worked in the travel industry full time for just over 10 years, Berardi jumped head first into his current role in June 2019. His industry involvement also includes being a commissioner for the New York State Bridge Authority, in addition to holding membership with the American Bus Association, of which his father, Eugene Berardi, serves as Chairman.

Berardi says one of Trailways' strengths is their wide range of shareholders that cater to an even wider array of customers.

"Over our nearly 100-year history, Trailways has offered everything from weeklong sightseeing tours in Alaska to overnight trips to Long Island for 'Yoga in a Vineyard,'" he said. "I love that we can work with such a wide array of destinations around North America to bring these incredible experiences to life."

In addition to offering these enjoyable adventures to travelers, Berardi notes additional highlights he's experienced within the business.

"Certainly, the most exciting thing I've experienced was the day we went 'paperless' on the consumer side," Berardi said. "It was the result of many years of work—because our accounting was linked to that physical paper—and it culminated in a quiet, seamless launch of mobile boarding during the pandemic. At the time I was sad that more commotion wasn't made, but I guess in some ways that means we were very successful."

The great digital migration is the single biggest change Berardi says he's witnessed during his time in the industry.

"The pandemic didn't cause it, but it certainly helped speed it up," he explained. "So many products and services moved online. In some lines of business—if you have an underperforming digital experience—it doesn't matter how great your hard product is anymore ... You'll be lights out in no time."

There are several valuable lessons Berardi has gleaned over the years:

"Your team is far more important than any single player, genuine kindness and compassion can make a big difference to your coworkers, and the best products are ones made collaboratively across all divisions, ages, genders and backgrounds," he said, recommending newcomers look to the many longtime industry leaders for guidance and inspiration.

"The travel industry is filled with veterans who know their space. If you want to make an impact, figure out what it is they are doing right and what new thing you can bring to make it even more compelling. Be complimentary and not abrasive. Figure out what it is you want to bring to the world each day and commit to doing it."

When he's not working, Berardi likes to spend his weekends exploring the great outdoors and will never say "no" to a hike.

"I'm a city guy now, but a small-town boy at heart."

Written by Sarah Suydam, Managing Editor for Groups Today.

This article originally appeared in the Jan/Feb '23 issue of Groups Today.


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