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No Recovery Without Relief

Now more than ever, it's clear the travel industry requires relief—especially when new data indicates that by December, 50% of all travel-supported jobs will be lost: an equivalent of 1.3 million jobs.

On the heels of the news that coronavirus relief packages negotiations ended at the White House, Roger Dow, CEO of U.S. Travel Association, expressed disappointment and frustration in a released statement.

"Hardworking Americans whose livelihoods depend on travel and tourism cannot wait until after the election for relief. The reality is that small businesses in every pocket of America are shuttering—they needed relief months ago, which has been made clear week after week.

"With millions of Americans suffering, it is woefully shortsighted to end relief negotiations. New data from Tourism Economics shows that, without immediate aid, 50% of all travel-supported jobs will be lost by December—an additional loss of 1.3 million jobs. As travel supported 11% of all pre-pandemic jobs, it is simply not possible for the U.S. to expect a nationwide economic recovery without meaningful federal relief.

"On behalf of America's travel workers, we are disheartened in the extreme that Congress and the administration failed to reach agreement on the relief this industry so desperately needed, despite clear evidence of mounting harm.

"U.S. Travel will continue advocating for relief for the millions of travel industry workers and small businesses who do so much for our economy."

U.S. Travel Association is working closely with the COVID RELIEF NOW Coalition, comprising more than 200 major public and private sector groups across the United States. The coalition is demanding action and stresses that Congress must come together on a bipartisan package both chambers can agree on, so hundreds of thousands of businesses and millions of workers can receive the assistance they need—today.

It is essential, U.S. Travel Association says, that those in the industry are as big and as loud as possible right now to help urge movement in Congress.

Visit COVID RELIEF NOW Coalition for helpful tools and resources for sharing this message with your member of Congress. The Power of Travel Coalition offers an email prompt to help you begin directly contacting your member of Congress.

Written by Sarah Suydam, Staff Writer for Groups Today.


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