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New Study: Travel Is a Priority for Majority of Americans in 2024

New Study: Travel Is a Priority for Majority of Americans in 2024

Longwoods International American Travel Sentiment Study Wave 86 offers insight into travel spending, electric vehicles and more.

Travelers are on the move and aren't holding back from planning their future travels, with the latest Longwoods International American Travel Sentiment Study revealing that 94% of American travelers are planning to travel within the next six months—a high for the year.

The study also indicated that while venturing out is a priority for American travelers, financial concerns still exist for some: 23% said their personal financial situation would impact their decision in the next six months, while 22% said transportation costs would also be a factor. In addition, 24% of travelers shared that airfare pricing would impact their decisions.

While electric vehicles don't account for the majority of transportation for travelers (77% said they haven't used one on a trip within the last six months), the percentage of travelers seeking out these environmentally friendly options is on an upward trajectory, with 13% indicating they've used an electric vehicle for an overnight trip and 11% have used one on a day trip within the last six months.

When it comes to activities travelers say they're most likely to enjoy on their next leisure trip, visiting friends and family tops the list (56%), with going to a beach/waterfront (51%) and taking a road trip (49%) coming in as a close second and third. Other popular activities include going shopping (44%), exploring a city (42%), visiting a national park, state park or monument (34%), visiting a museum, art gallery, or other arts/cultural institution (30%), and visiting an amusement or theme park (23%).

When asked about service on their trips within the last three months, 68% of travelers indicate they received the same level of service as before the pandemic, and 19% indicated a higher level of service. Only 13% reported a lower level of service than before the pandemic.

"Travelers are anxious to be out on the road and in the skies, and they have made travel a spending priority," said Amir Eylon, President and CEO of Longwoods International. "If current patterns continue, 2024 will be a very good year for the travel and tourism industry."

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