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flightSpeak: New Feature Helps Save Time at Busy Airports

Wouldn't it be great to better anticipate security line delays, so you could enjoy a more efficient, less stressful airport travel experience? The comprehensive global airport information mobile app flightSpeak has a new feature, CheckPoint, which provides estimated wait and screening times for security checkpoints at the top 100 busiest airports worldwide.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) works hard to reduce security line wait times during peak travel periods by increasing staffing and partnerships with airports and airlines. Domestic and international air travel have surged by more than five percent this year, however, and CheckPoint aims to provide advance notice to passengers so they can arrive at the airport with enough time to clear lengthy security lines.

How does it work? CheckPoint improves wait time estimation accuracy by leveraging a combination of flight volumes, weather information and machine learning.

Already, flightSpeak has provided thousands of travelers with information about Wi-Fi availability, restaurant ratings, and more to make their airport visit less stressful and more productive. The app, and its new CheckPoint feature, is available free on iOS and Android mobile devices.

 Written by Cassie Westrate, staff writer for Groups Today.

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