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2022 National Plan for Vacation Day Is Here!

It comes as no surprise to those in the industry that planning ahead is the key to taking time off and traveling. A new study from Destination Analysts reveals that Americans who plan out their paid time off take more time off to travel—but 24% of American households don't take this simple step. That's where National Plan for Vacation Day comes into play.

National Plan for Vacation Day (NPVD), powered by U.S. Travel Association, encourages Americans to plan their vacation days for the entire year at the start of the year. After nearly two years of pandemic stress and fatigue, NPVD is an opportunity for Americans to look ahead to brighter days and make plans for getaways or vacations over the coming months.

National Plan for Vacation Day comes at a time when American workers report feeling extreme levels of burnout. Destination Analysts have also found that 68% of American workers feel at least moderately burned out and 13% are extremely burned out.

"The research reflects what so many have known for quite a while—that the stresses of the past year can, at least in part, be lifted by thinking about and planning time away to recharge and experience something new," said U.S. Travel President and CEO Roger Dow. "There are real benefits to getting vacation plans on the calendar at the start of the year which include the happiness associated with travel and committing to take off all the time that is earned for a well-deserved break."

Data also shows that while vacation is essential to Americans' mental health and well-being, it is also a crucial benefit for American workers. Nearly 70% of U.S. workers agree that their ability to take vacations is an important factor in keeping them in the workforce. In fact, paid time off is the second most important employee benefit an employer could offer after health insurance benefits.

"Americans say it is important to use their paid time off to travel," Dow added. "Vacation gives us a chance to recharge and reconnect with family and friends, as well as explore more of our beautiful, diverse country."

The U.S. Travel Association is encouraging you to join the thousands of organizations across the country in celebrating National Plan for Vacation Day and encouraging Americans to take some much-needed time off. Visit their page and toolkit for resources and more.

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