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Where Can I Find a Progressive Dinner?

A progressive dinner. Who does those anymore? And what exactly do you do? Well in Dubuque, Iowa, a Historic Progressive Dinner has been taking place annually since the 1970s, and each year it gets better.

Imagine stepping back in time inside a historic home filled with not only unique treasures from the past, but also docents who are dressed in period costume. Before your tour starts, you are welcomed with an appetizer and beverage in the home that you will be touring. What house is it? The home of Mathias Ham, an early entrepreneur in Dubuque. That's the first stop on this entertaining tour.

Next, your Dubuque guide will take you to one of the oldest, former Catholic churches in Dubuque. Yes, that's right—it's no longer a church, but today the former St. Mary's is home to the very colorful and historic Steeple Square Event Center. It's also where the main course is served, with two meats, a potato, veggie and beverage. And it's normal for group members to get up and dance to the live music, or at least tap their toes along to the beat.

Did someone mention dessert? Oh yes, dessert is included, too. Ending the night at another one of Dubuque's historic homes—the Fannie Stout House—guests will have the opportunity to enjoy a big piece of cake (you know, the kind that you finish even though it's more than you think you could possibly enjoy). Of course, you'll also enjoy a tour of this beautiful home in downtown Dubuque before heading out the door.

Want learn more? Call Becky at 563.845.7698 or visit Travel Dubuque.

Courtesy of Travel Dubuque.

 Photo courtesy of Travel Dubuque.

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