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What’s Your 'Plan B'?

Youth travel is exciting, exhausting and exhilarating—and can also be exasperating. A key factor in a trip's success is close attention to all of the moving parts, and also to the "what ifs."

What if hotels in your chosen city are too expensive? Or already booked? What if you have planned a lot of time outdoors seeing historic monuments, and the weather turns nasty? What if the kids aren't as thrilled with looking at historic sites as you thought they would be, and want things "to do."

Many major United States cities have suburbs or neighboring towns where accommodations are just as good and prices are lower.

For Washington, D.C., think Arlington, Virginia. In Boston, head north to Salem or south to Quincy. Near Manhattan, the best group accommodations are in Jersey City, New Jersey—the newest New York City satellite location to burst on the scene. One-stop public transportation makes getting into the heart of the Big Apple much faster than from other NYC suburbs, or even from uptown Manhattan. Not all hotels are equal, so choose a chain property for a no-surprises stay.

Now check local sightseeing options. Finding something great near the hotel will give your group something fun to do on shorter arrival or departure days.

In Salem, explore Salem Witch Trial sites. In northern Virginia, see Arlington National Cemetery and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. In Jersey City, Liberty Science Center offers amazing adventures, from a live, 2 million-volt lightning display to major traveling exhibits, like Mythbusters. And in early 2018, the Center will open the largest digital planetarium in the Western Hemisphere. The Center even welcomes performance groups!

Take time to find gems in unexpected places. You'll save money and discover something new kids can brag about when they get home.

Information and photo courtesy of Liberty Science Center.


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