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This Month On Broadway: May 2024

This Month On Broadway: May 2024

This spring, Broadway showcases gripping dramas, light-hearted comedies and entrancing musicals, each telling unique tales. Let's dive deeper into what Broadway has in store for you this month.

Broadway is synonymous with excitement and endless entertainment possibilities. A few new productions have arrived among the already well-known shows, each with a compelling story that audiences won't soon forget.

Making its debut is Suffs, a musical throwback to the beginnings of the women's rights movement. Shaina Taub, who not only stars in this production but also wrote the book, music and lyrics for it, offers a deep dive into the struggle for gender equality. Suffs is more than just a theatrical feature—it reflects the ongoing battle against inequality and an ode to the resilient spirit of womanhood.

Fan favorites continue to dominate the theatrical landscape, and The Book of Mormon's unrivaled humor is what makes it such a long-lasting hit. The show is a hilarious satire that follows the misadventures of two missionaries attempting to spread their teachings to a village in Uganda, combining religious commentary and humor to create a uniquely entertaining theatrical experience. Its edginess and courage to challenge the status quo make The Book of Mormon popular season after season.

For enthusiasts of unconventional artistry, Blue Man Group continues to awe audiences with its enigmatic performances. This theatrical phenomenon's unique storytelling has given it a timeless appeal. Its distinct absence of verbal communication and the riveting stage acts based on physical comedy, sound, rhythm, and custom-made musical instruments make every performance memorable.

For fans of timeless multi-media classics, Back to the Future: The Musical has packed its bags from the silver screen and gone off to the illustrious Broadway stage. The musical adaptation of the popular cinematic piece harmoniously blends comedy, drama, science fiction, and nostalgia, promising a one-of-a-kind journey for the audience. If you've dreamt of seeing the Dolorean with your own two eyes, this is your chance!

The stage adaptation of The Great Gatsby remains as compelling as its novel counterpart, underlining the enduring charm of this classic masterpiece. Exploring the Jazz Age's opulent glamor and tragic underbelly with its jazz- and pop-influenced original score, F. Scott Fitzgerald's story of love and loss has found a new home on Broadway.

Concluding on a high note is A Beautiful Noise, the compelling musical journey that dives into the life and legacy of Neil Diamond. From the opening chords to the final curtain on June 30, 2024, this production explores Diamond's iconic music, mesmerizing audiences with its touching, powerful storytelling. Whether you're a hardcore Neil Diamond fan or a musical enthusiast, A Beautiful Noise is a tour de force that's not to be missed.


Broadway theatre is a cornerstone of New York's cultural fabric. While each individual may have a unique theatrical experience, Broadway productions can become a profound collective journey when shared with others.


Apart from the shared laughter, tears and conversation after the show, there are considerable benefits that make group booking an attractive option.

Group booking offers substantial discounts, making Broadway more accessible for everyone. With 10 or more people, these special group rates kick in, offering an economical option for theatre enthusiasts. This feature is particularly helpful for students, families and corporate teams looking to experience New York's theatrical scene without straining their budget.

In addition, group booking ensures reserved seating. Say goodbye to the hassle of finding a cluster of empty seats amidst a packed theatre or, even worse, scattered seating that separates your group. Reserving your seats in advance allows your group to experience the show together, sharing every gasp, chuckle and applause.

Consider timing when booking your Broadway tickets. Weeknights or specific times of the year can occasionally offer better deals. Not only does it save you money, but it also provides the flexibility to pick the perfect show.


Going to Broadway as a group doesn't mean catering to the lowest common denominator regarding interest levels. Each Broadway show is a unique amalgamation of various art forms—music, dance, drama and visual design. This ensures there's something for everyone, whether they're fans of soul-stirring tunes, breathtaking choreography, thought-provoking plots or stunning stagecraft.

Find out the preferences and interests of your group members and pick a show that meets most of them. Remember, it's less about finding a show that everyone will love equally and more about finding a show that everyone will love a part of.

Broadway's vast offering ensures it caters to diverse tastes and preferences. Broadway's repertoire can accommodate any group's interest, be it a classic like Chicago, a modern marvel like Hamilton, or an avant-garde work like Hadestown.

Group experiences on Broadway amplify the magic of attending live theatre, making it a shared memory to cherish. So next time you plan a night out in New York, consider booking as a group and let the curtain rise on a collective Broadway adventure.


Many supporting activities and resources can elevate and enrich your theatre outing, helping you make the most of your Broadway experience.

Educational activities are a great start. Broadway prides itself on hosting resources that aim to supplement your theatre experience. Attend workshops, masterclasses, and interactive sessions on the musicals or plays you are about to watch. Dive into the history, context or creative process behind the productions. These resources can offer an enriching perspective, adding layers to your understanding and appreciation of the performance. These activities invite a more informed viewing, fostering a connection between your group and the art.

Broadway's culture is not just confined to the stage; it spills over into the streets and vibrates through the city. A pre-show stroll in the neighborhood with your group or a post-show visit to a nearby park or landmark offer the chance to soak in the ambiance of this dynamic district. Together, these activities are the perfect way to encompass the performance, transforming it from a mere watch to an unforgettable Broadway experience.

Enhance the quality of your Broadway adventure by making use of these activities. For more ideas and directions to plan your Broadway day, you can visit Broadway Inbound's official site and the "How to Plan" section. There, you'll find categories for planning pre- and post-show activities, managing your group and finding the best ways to move around New York City.

Broadway offers splendid shows to captivate your imagination, but do not overlook the enrichment spread around you. Turning your Broadway outing into an engaging day-long event makes your experience more fulfilling and memorable. So, aim for Broadway beyond the stage next time you plan your Broadway day!

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 Photo Courtesy of Matthew Murphy and Evan Zimmerman. 


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